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Nov 092013
Gourmet Bruschetta Pizza

A sea of freshly prepared diced Roma tomatoes seasoned bruschetta style with all fresh ingredients.  (shown here before bake)

Nov 102013

A light very yummy choice. Olive oil base with our signature cheese blend and topped with ricotta and fresh mozzarella cheese blobs and a spiral of pesto sauce (no pine nuts)

Nov 102013
margherita pizza

A west coast favorite and done up the Bello way. a base of pesto sauce and our signature cheese blend, with our special marinara sauce and sprinkled on fresh garlic. Topped with fresh basil topping. Light and Delicious!

Nov 102013
Popeye Gourmet Pizza

This is the one that first ranked us on Yelp . Fresh baby green spinach leaves with a dash of pepper flakes,  and fresh mozzarella cheese over tomato sauce and our cheese mix

Nov 102013
Vegetale Gourmet Pizza

(shown unbaked) One of our best Gourmet Pizza offerings. Starts with a base of virgin olive oil and Romano cheese. Then a healthy layer of our premium cheese blend. We add generous helpings of mushrooms, zucchini, red onions, green bell peppers, Roma tomatoes and black olives. . Even if you don’t normally order vegetable main dishes you have to try this one! Filling, not heavy and really delicious.