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Feb 262014

Hi everyone its Regis here, co-owner with Suana of Pizza Bello.    I thought I might get something started here in the Blog so that you might get used to looking here on occasion for things concerning our little business.

It’s been almost six months now since we opened to doors, March 1st will be exactly six months.  Boy I can tell you that things were rough those first couple months with Suana and I trying to stabilize Pizza Bello operations while both holding full time professional jobs.   Lots of late night hours figuring things out.     We are pleased to report that just about everything is running smoothly now.

Some things have changed recently.  We have opened our delivery area beyond Pleasanton to include most of Dublin (south of Acosta Blvd. and east of San Ramon Rd).  We had many requests from there and decided to make a go of it.  Also the BIG news.  Pizza Bello has applied for a Beer and Wine license.  This is in response to many requests from customers.   In retrospect, it was silly of us not to have planned for this from the start, but we were so focused on the food really, that it wasn’t even a consideration at the open.  With some luck we will be serving beer and wine by mid-spring.   Let it be noted that Pizza Bello is a “friends and family” place and we intend to keep it that way.

Well , that’s about it for now.  Suana or I will be posting here on occasion.  Thank you all very much for your support in helping to launch Pizza Bello.   In these short six months the business has already proven viable.